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We are an independent and integrated digital media group. Being one of the player in the constellation of Indonesian media industry, we strive for sustainable growth and progressively expanding our business to a range of various digital media platforms and other related services.

CEO Letter

Greetings! On behalf of our team at PT Arkadia Digital Media Tbk., I proudly welcome you to our website. This is the place to get various information about our company for those who are interested.

Indonesia is the land of opportunity with its huge population base and most of the citizen are in the young and productive age segment. As the internet users in Indonesia has grown at a staggering rate over the past few years, this condition becomes an ideal breeding ground for digital based business to flourish in multiple industry.

One such industry is digital media which we choose to focus and operate in. Years ago, traditional print media has a significant audience reach in Indonesia (just below terrestrial TV), but the growth of digital era has catapult digital media to replace traditional print media and being number two in terms of audience reach as of today.

Now sophisticated server and software has replaced the need for old school printing machine and paper is no longer required to print the content as it has been replaced by mobile phone and computer screens as a medium to display digital media content. Digital media is also able to feed multimedia content to its readers, unlike print which can only offer picture and text-based content.

Going forward, we strongly believe that internet users penetration rate in Indonesia will continue to grow significantly and combined with a very strong freedom of speech in Indonesian press culture, such factors will provide us with a potential market as well as huge opportunities to be capitalized.

Business angle is one thing that we continuously work on, but being a digital media company, we also have moral obligation to provide independent as well as credible news and information to the citizen of Indonesia. With many Indonesian media companies nowadays are affiliated to politics and other interests, we are proud to declare that we are fully independent from such negativity, therefore we are able to consistently provide unbiased and balanced coverage for our readers.

Besides digital media business, we also engage in other non-media activities, such as creative house, event planner and multimedia production that we believe are able to provide synergies to our digital media platforms by integrating online-to-offline activities in order to provide an innovative marketing platform for advertisers to connect and engage with our loyal readers.

Last but not least, we would like to introduce our company motto, “Arte Et Labore” which is a Latin word for “By Skill and Hard Work”. We believe that continuous improvement of our skill and knowledge in combination with diligent work ethics are crucial success factor in this dynamic digital media landscape.

Thank you for reading and hopefully with this short introduction, you will be able to understand about us and our company digital media dream.


William Martaputra

Chief Executive Officer

PT Arkadia Digital Media Tbk.

Arte Et Labore

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a well-respected independent and integrated digital media group in Indonesia that provides neutral, unbiased as well as balanced news and information to our readers. We dare to dream big and work diligently to achieve this vision.

Our Mission

We have several missions, including creating and managing various digital media platforms that can become the sources of reliable and interactive information; producing and distributing creative and rich contents; and becoming a workplace destination where creative and talented young people can grow their professionalism.

What We Do

We manage several digital media platforms; creating contents in various format for internal and external usage; providing valuable contents for telecommunication companies; as well as building synergy and cooperation with various local digital media player in regions across Indonesia.

Our Media



General News & Information Portal
This portal publish contents in various topics, starting from politics, law and social issues, business, as well as football and sports, entertainment, lifestyle, health, techno, automotive and others.

Suara.com Regional

Regional News & Information Portal
This portal is similar in genre as Suara.com but with a 50:50 regional and national content composition, providing a unique view for respective readers in their geographical area.


Celebrity & Entertainment Portal
This portal has many interesting contents from around the buzzing world of entertainment and showbiz, including local and international news from the Hollywood, Bollywood, K-Pop and others.


Soccer & Sports Portal
The portal focuses mainly on football (soccer), providing interesting contents from Indonesia, major leagues in Europe and other places in the world, including related fun and entertaining facts.


Technology & Gadget Portal
This portal is dedicated for technology provides contents not only about gadgets, games, internet, hardware and software, but also other interesting topics in popular science.


Female Portal
The portal provides contents that are especially dedicated for women, including moms and young girls, with topics ranging from beauty, fashion and relationship.


Automotive & Motorsports Portal
The portal focuses on all things about automotive, including the industry, reviews, practical tips and guidance, communities and a section for motorsports lovers.


Health & Medical Portal
This portal provides various interesting and useful contents related to health and medical world, including the latest news, tips, articles and consultation.


Travel and F&B Portal
This portal is dedicated mainly for travelers and culinary lovers, providing contents about interesting tourist locations or travel destinations, F&B and hang out venues.


E-commerce Portal
The portal serves as an e-commerce outlet that provides many interesting items, where some product reviews can be found on the other portals in the Company to guide potential customers.
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